Maintenance Engineering

Together with our highly trained staff and well-equipped workshop and mobile plant we provide our valued Customers with a reliable service for their Asset Maintenance. Your partnership with Crew NSW ensures that all your equipment and assets are operating and performing efficiently and effectively.

We supply large capacity emergency response service vehicles, cranes and trucks that can perform all-position, all-weather emergency repairs and maintenance, compliance work, including working at heights and in confined spaces.

In conjunction with our Crane Division, our Field Maintenance and Workshop Crews ensure a quick and decisive response to rectifying equipment breakdowns and general maintenance of Customer assets.

  • Safety and risk management
  • Asset maintenance strategy
  • Detailed planning, estimating and scheduling
  • Subcontract management
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Materials planning and optimisation
  • Specialty maintenance services

Our Solution

Servicing Sydney, northern NSW, Canberra and beyond, we own and supply a full maintenance engineering solution that does not need to rely on external companies. We understand the value in providing customers with a full solution to their emergency breakdown job. Most fabricators rely on external crane companies, which gives you less control in scheduling maintenance and responding to critical emergencies. Crew NSW offers a full solution, organising the appropriate cranes and engineers for emergency work to be completed quickly. The full scope of our heavy lift capacity includes gantry cranes and a semi-trailer, and we can move large items off-site – anywhere, anytime.

“We know the value of an emergency breakdown job”.

Safety & Risk Management

Safety and risk management are at the forefront of what we do and we are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for your staff at all time. Our experience spans over 2 decades and our dedicated team provides a first rate response to all aspects of asset maintenance. Whether in the city of Sydney or the rural terrain of the south coast or to Canberra and further afield, Crew NSW have got it covered.

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